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Resolution Summaries

The ASCSU passed the following resolutions during its January 23-24 plenary session. All can be accessed in full at the ASCSU website. Briefly, they are as follows:

Recommendations Related to Nursing Preparation
AS-3154-13/AA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
This resolution makes a number of recommendations about the relationship between General Education (GE) and nursing curricula as well as about the need for campuses to provide effective advising for pre-nursing students, particularly the majority who are not admitted, ultimately, to the impacted nursing programs but who might pursue alternate pathways in the health sciences and allied fields.

Reinstatement of Faculty Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Fund
AS-3156-13/FA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
Urges the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor to reinstate these funds, as specified in the Education Code, as essential resources for both the faculty’s teaching and the students’ learning, and to develop methodology for the funding criteria in consultation with the ASCSU.

Recommendation to Amend Title 5 to Re-establish Appropriate Unit Limits for Engineering Degrees
AS-3158-13/AA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
In the context of the 120/180 unit minima and maxima for baccalaureate degrees in the CSU, (unless a program is granted an exception by the Chancellor), this resolution urges a reinstatement of the 132/198 unit maxima for engineering degrees—an exception that was formerly in Title 5. The resolution further calls for a broadly constituted task force to examine the implications upon the quality of the degrees when General Education (GE) units are waived, substituted for, and “double-counted.”

Commendation of Faculty Trustee and ASCSU Senator Bernadette Cheyne
Approved by Acclamation
Commends immediate past Faculty Trustee and former ASCSU Senator Cheyne for her many years of distinguished service, both system-wide and as a faculty leader on her Humboldt campus.

To read the Chancellor’s Office Response to the January resolutions please visit the Reponse pages here.

At the January plenary, the following resolution was tabled to be re-introduced at the March 20-21 plenary:

Recommendation on the Eligibility of Lecturers for Emeritus Status
AS-3157-13/FA (Rev)

In recognition of the current and historic contributions of non-tenure track employees, this resolution recommends the inclusion of criteria in campus-based policies for granting them emeritus status. (For more information, contact committee Chair Manzar Foroohar)

The following resolutions were introduced as first-reading items that the ASCSU will act upon at the March 20-21, 2014 plenary. These resolutions are in draft form, and committees continue to seek advice from faculty in order to perfect them. (For your convenience, the emails of the relevant Committee Chairs are included for your input. The ASCSU also recommends that you consult with your campus senators, who seek your advice on the following.)

Selection of Faculty Representatives in Shared Governance
Encourages all to abide by the AAUP principle stating, in essence, that faculty should be chosen by faculty to represent them and not by other means, such as from a slate of candidates presented to the administration for their selection.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Diana Guerin)

Meeting Common Core Standards as CSU Admission Requirements

Recommends adoption of the language of the Common Core Standards in lieu of such terms as “Algebra II” when defining college readiness in mathematics and urges cooperation with the community colleges and the UC in defining such readiness.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Andreas Gebauer)

Facilitation of Communication Between the ASCSU and Faculty
Urges campuses to facilitate communication between their statewide senators and the entire faculty of that campus on matters of system-wide concern.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Manzar Foroohar)

Concerns Regarding a Community College Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program (SB 850 - Block)
Opposes, at this time, legislation authorizing the community colleges to offer baccalaureate degrees. Should such legislation go forward, the resolution further stipulates that there be a right of first refusal, that resource implications be fully analyzed, etc.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Christine Miller)

In Support of Ethnic Studies
Commends the establishment of the Chancellor’s system-wide task force to study Ethnic Studies in the CSU and urges that the ongoing evaluation of Ethnic Studies programs proceed on their academic merits and not merely on financial considerations.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Manzar Foroohar)