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Faculty to Faculty June 2013

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Message from the ASCSU Chair

Although we have much about which to be concerned, I think we close out this academic year with reasons for optimism.  CSU will graduate over 100,000 students this spring.   The state budget is improving, and public higher education is in line for additional state funding compared to the cuts of previous years.  CSU constituencies are partnering on advocacy efforts around the state budget and legislation.  Critical leadership positions across the system have been filled.

The Academic Senate identified four priorities to discuss withincoming Chancellor White when he joined the CSU: (1) recommitment to shared governance at the system level, (2) reinvest in faculty to support academic excellence, (3) CSU mission and strategic communications, and (4) academic quality. These priorities framed the ASCSU agenda for the year. ASCSU Executive Committee will continue to work with Chancellor White, the Board of Trustees, and the Council of Presidents to forge arenewed commitment to shared governance, or as Chancellor White calls it, "shared leadership."We need to operationalize these concepts, so that we can all agree when we are -- or are not -- implementing this fundamental principle of university governance. This is particularly critical with the dramatic turnover in leadership at the system and campus levels in both administration and faculty. However, all four priorities will guide our agenda next year.

This summer, ASCSU Executive Committee will continue to respond to bills as they move through the legislative process.  There has been a great deal of interest in online education this year, particularly with respect to providing access for lower division students.  We are also working with other stakeholders to support the CSU request for $54 million to provide access to 15,000 additional students.  This has been a serious “bottleneck” facing students in the CSU for the past several years.

ASCSU Leadership 2013-14: The Executive Committee 2013-14 was elected at the ASCSU organizational meeting on May 17th.  The new officers reflect the diverse faculty and campuses of the CSU:

  • Chair: Diana Guerin, Child and Adolescent Studies, Fullerton
  • Vice Chair: Steven Filling, Accounting, Stanislaus
  • Secretary: Glen Brodowsky, Marketing, San Marcos
  • First Member-at-Large: Darlene Yee-Melichar, Gerontology, San Francisco
  • Second Member-at-Large: Susan Gubernat, English, East Bay

The Executive Committee appointed the following senators to committee chair positions for 2013-14:

  • Academic Affairs: Christine Miller, Communication Studies, Sacramento
  • Academic Preparation and Education Programs: James Postma, Chemistry, Chico
  • Faculty Affairs: Manzar Foroohar, History, San Luis Obispo
  • Fiscal and Governmental Affairs: Praveen Soni, Marketing, Long Beach
  • General Education Advisory Committee: Mark Van Selst, Psychology, San Jose