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At the May 15-17, 2013 plenary meeting, the ASCSU passed sixteen resolutions.  Summaries of the sixteen items are provided.

Academic Senate of the CSU Calendar of 2013-2014 Meetings
AS-3116-13/EX (Rev)

Approved Without Dissent
This resolution establishes the calendar of ASCSU meetings for next year. ASCSU alternates between in person and virtual meetings, September 2013 through December 2014.

Change to the Bylaws of the Academic Senate Section 4d(2) Charge to the Faculty Affairs Committee
AS-3117-13/FA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
The ASCSU is collaborating with CO Communications to highlight outstanding faculty at each CSU on the website beginning fall 2013.  This resolution clarifies the role of ASCSU Faculty Affairs Committee in this project.

Conditional Support for AB 386 (Levine): Public Postsecondary Education: Cross Enrollment: Online Education at the California State University
AS-3118-13/FGA (Rev)
ASCSU supports the concept of creating a systemwide online database of CSU courses and an intra-system cross-enrollment process, but has some concerns about the timeline and other details.

Clarifying the Changing Expectations for General Education
AS-3119-13/AA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
Congruent with the request of the General Education Advisory Committee, this resolution recommends a joint task force (ASCSU and Chancellor’s Office) to move us forward in bringing Title 5, EO 1065, and the CSU GE Guiding notes into better alignment around expected outcomes.

Request to Re-Institute the Annual CSU Academic Conference
AS 3120-13/EX (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
For 26 years, the CSU held an annual conference providing a unique opportunity for the CSU community including administration, faculty, and students to meet and discuss issues facing the CSU in a conference setting. Given the dramatic turnover in CSU Leadership—including the Chancellor, Board of Trustees, Campus Presidents, Provosts/VPAAs—the ASCSU believes that such a meeting would provide great benefit to the CSU at this time.

In Support of AB 387 (Levine): Public Postsecondary Education: California State University: Online Education
AS-3121-13/FGA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
The CSU is a leader in online education. ASCSU supports periodic assessment of academic programs.

Reaffirming the Importance of Graduate, Post Baccalaureate, and Credential Programs and Access to Those Programs
AS-3122-13/AA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
ASCSU supports access to State University Grants and encourages establishment of a task force to explore strategies to provide access to graduate programs for students of limited financial means and to attract the best students to graduate programs in the CSU.

Enhanced Support of Student Mental Health and Counseling Services
AS-3123-13/AA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
ASCSU encourages that the CSU adopt the policy goal of ensuring that all campuses meet or exceed relevant professional mental health service standards.

Recognition and Clarification Provided by Executive Order 1047, Extended Education and Self-Support Courses and Programs
AS-3124-13/AA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
ASCSU acknowledges value of consolidating three policies related to Extended Education and Self-Support Courses and programs into one (EO 1047) to facilitate communication.

Conditional Support for SB 547 (Block): Public Post-Secondary Education: Online Courses
Approved Unanimously
ASCSU supports the efforts to facilitate student transfer and success through appropriate online courses under the guidance of the faculty and academic senates.

Commendation of the Undergraduate Science Education Project: Preparing Future Elementary Teachers for the Next Generation Science Standards
Approved Unanimously
ASCSU recognizes and commends AVC Beverly Young and Director Joan Bissell for their work with the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, the CSU campuses, and faculty of the CSU in efforts to improve STEM education in California.

A Call for Equitable Visibility of All Online Degree Programs Offered by CSU Campuses on the and Websites
Approved Unanimously
Although CSU offers 84 online degree programs, only 6 are listed on the Cal State Online ( and websites.  This gives an incorrect impression about the involvement of the CSU in online education.

In Support of SB 241 (Evans): Oil Severance Tax Law
Approved Without Dissent
ASCSU supports this strategy to provide additional revenues to California’s public higher education systems, which have experienced sharp cuts in general fund support in recent years.

Commendation of Assistant Vice Chancellor Beverly L. Young for Her Activities in Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) Development
Approved Unanimously
Assistant Vive Chancellor Beverly Young is commended by ASCSU for her leadership and service on the Common Core State Standards Advisory Committee and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Executive Committee. Her ongoing efforts ensure early involvement of CSU faculty in the development of these standards and assessment is appreciated.

SB 440 (Padilla) Public Postsecondary Education: Student Transfer Achievement Act, Oppose Unless Amended
Approved Unanimously
In its current form, SB 440 will undermine the extensive progress in establishing transfer pathways from California Community Colleges to the CSU.  ASCSU is working with the Chancellor’s Office in requesting amendments.

A Modified Process for Approval of California State University/University of California (CSU/UC) Joint Doctoral Degree Programs
Approved Unanimously
ASCSU supports the recommendation to require the CSU/UC Joint Graduate Board to meet only where there are differences in the recommendations of the CSU and UC system regarding a proposed doctoral program (rather than each time a doctoral program is proposed).

Resolutions of Commendation were also approved in honor of the following people.

Commendation of Professor Marshelle Thobaben
AS-3132-13/Humboldt Del.
Approved by Acclamation

Commendation of Professor John Tarjan
AS-3133-13/CSUB Del.
Approved by Acclamation

Resolution of Commendation for Robert Buckley Upon His Retirement from the Academic Senate of the California State University
AS-3134-13/CSUS Del.
Approved by Acclamation

Commendation for CSU Statewide Senator Jacinta Amaral
AS-3135-13/Fresno Del.
Approved by Acclamation

Commendation for Dr. Buckley Barrett
AS-3136-13/CSUSB Del.
Approved by Acclamation

Commendation for CSU Statewide Senator Andrea Boyle
AS-3137-13/SFSU Del.
Approved by Acclamation

Resolution in Appreciation of Brian Wilson’s Service as Statewide Academic Senator for Sonoma State University
AS-3138-13/Sonoma Del.
Approved by Acclamation

Commendation for CSU Statewide Senator Martin Linder
AS-3139-13/SFSU Del.
Approved by Acclamation

Commendation for Senator James E. Swartz
AS-3140-13/Pomona Del.
Approved by Acclamation