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Thomas Krabacher (Sacramento)

The California legislative year came to an end on September 13th with the adjournment of the state Legislature for 2013.  All bills passed by the legislators were sent to Governor Brown on that date, at which point he had until September 30th to act on them.  The final disposition of the following bills, which were of interest to the Academic Senate during 2012-13, is as follows:

AB 386 (Levine)Intracampus Concurrent Enrollment in CSU Online Courses:  The ASCSU ultimately supported this bill after working with the author to bring about desired changes in the bill language.  (AS-3118-13/FGA [Rev]Disposition:  Signed into law by the Governor.

AB 387 (Levine)Assessment of Online Programs: The ASCSU supported the intent of the bill and commended the author for working collaboratively to incorporate language that preserved faculty purview over the curriculum. (AS-3121-13/FGA [Rev]) Disposition:  Central elements of this bill were incorporated in AB 386.

AB 67 (Gorrell) and SB 58 (Cannella)Post-Proposition 30 Freeze on Tuition and Fees:  Opposed by the ASCSU (AS-3112-13/FGA [Rev]).  Disposition: Both bills died, never clearing their committees.

SB 195 (Liu)Establishment of State Goals and Metrics for Higher Education:  The ASCSU took no position on the bill, but FGA (the Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee of the ASCSU) kept it on their “Watch” list.  Disposition:  Signed into law by the Governor.

SB 241 (Evans)Oil Severance Tax Law:  Called for establishing an oil severance tax, the majority of revenues from which would go to California higher education.  Supported by the ASCSU. 
(AS-3128-13/FGA).   Disposition:  Held in committee; not signed into law.

SB 440 (Padilla) -- SB1440 Transfer Follow-Up.  The bill would place additional, more restrictive requirements on the CSU in the implementation of SB 1440.  ASCSU took a position of Oppose Unless Amended (AS-3130-13/FGA), but eventually dropped opposition.  Disposition:  Bill sent to Governor; final disposition uncertain at time of writing.

SB 547 (Block)Joint Development of Online Courses by California Higher Education Segments:  ASCSU took position of Conditional Support (AS-3125-13/FGA).  Disposition:  Bill withdrawn by author (to await disposition of SB 520).

SB 520 (Steinberg) – Online Course Development (Incentive Grant Programs):  ASCSU took up a recommendation to oppose it in its original form (AS-3114-13), but resolution was tabled.  (ASCSU Executive Committee wrote a letter of opposition.) Final Disposition:  Bill withdrawn by author to be brought back as a two-year bill.

The new legislative calendar marking the second year of the 2013-2014 two-year session will begin in early January 2014.  Two-year bills, if brought back, will be taken up at that time and new legislation will be introduced.  In the meantime, an effort will be made to stay in contact with key legislative offices during the remainder of 2013 to determine what bills of potential interest to the ASCSU are likely to be forthcoming.  Several additional bills dealing with the use of online technology in California higher education are expected.

You can monitor the process of any given bill and committee hearing schedules at either or