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Faculty Affairs Committee

Manzar Foroohar (San Luis Obispo), Chair
The Committee focused its work and discussions on three major priorities for 2013-14:

  • Encourage recruitment and retention of tenure-track faculty to enhance academic quality.
  • Seek enhanced funding support for faculty research, scholarship, and creative activities to promote student success and benefit society.
  • Make recommendations for drafting an updated, clear, and comprehensive policy on academic freedom for the CSU.

The committee discussed, drafted, and perfected a resolution addressing ASCSU’s concerns about the falling numbers and percentages of the tenured and tenure-track faculty in the CSU and requested that the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees revisit ACR 73 and its implementation plan, which was a collaborative and comprehensive plan to increase the number and the role of the tenured and tenure-track instructional faculty. The implementation plan approved in 2002 has never been activated, and since its approval, the ranks of tenure-line faculty have actually been depleted through retirement and other forms of separation without replacement. The ASCSU has repeatedly voiced its concerns about the situation and its impact on deterioration of high-quality teaching in the CSU. The timing of this resolution was crucial in light of the pending discussion at the Board of Trustees on “bottleneck” courses and the search for solutions. This resolution was a reminder that the only long-term solution to the deterioration of quality and accessibility of higher public education in California is increasing the numbers and the role of high-quality tenure-line faculty. We formed a sub-committee to focus on this issue, to analyze historical trends of hiring and maintaining tenured and tenure-track faculty in the CSU, and to make recommendations for improvement

The committee also discussed the second FA priority for the 2013-14: enhancing funding to support faculty research, scholarship, and creative activities. This will be an ongoing FA project for 2013-14, and we formed a sub-committee to collect information and make recommendations for action items.

Our third priority is making recommendations for drafting an updated, clear, and comprehensive policy on academic freedom for the CSU.  A sub-committee was formed to review and discuss other universities’ policies and begin drafting recommendations for the CSU.

Another ongoing task for the Faculty Affairs Committee is reviewing the criteria for campus-wide faculty awards for achievements in scholarship, teaching, advising, and service. The Committee reviewed and approved new awards for several campuses and will continue the review process for new awards submitted to the ASCSU by each campus. The recipients of these campus awards will be highlighted on the new CSU website to celebrate the achievements of CSU outstanding faculty.

For more information, contact committee Chair Manzar Foroohar at or visit the committee website.