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Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee

Praveen Soni (Long Beach), Chair
This year, the Committee’s priorities are to draft and approve legislative principles and guidelines to assist the ASCSU in dealing nimbly with legislation; to strengthen the relationship with the Legislative Analyst’s Office; to build bridges with the California Department of Finance; and to further explore the CSU financial statements in depth. 

Via teleconference, Karen Yelverton-Zamarripa (of the CSU Office of Advocacy and Institutional Relations in Sacramento) provided the Committee with a legislative update on current bills of concern to both the CSU and the ASCSU, (who have worked together in the past year to impact higher-education legislation and are likely to continue the cooperation).  The ASCSU was particularly successful in changing the direction of some of the legislation related to online education and delivery. 

Andy Merrifield of the California Faculty Association (CFA) talked with the Committee about the modest increase ($80 per month) in compensation for the faculty for the first time in five years, and provided an update on collective bargaining and legislative bills of concern to the CFA, such as the composition of the CSU Board of Trustees (BOT).  Currently, the CSU has withdrawn its move to shift a greater proportion of healthcare costs to employees, but it is possible that the request may be placed back on the bargaining table in the future.

Robert Turnage, Budget Director in the Chancellor’s Office, discussed at length the proposed CSU BOT budget request for 2014-15, which will be acted upon by the BOT at their November meeting.   The request is for an additional $250 million, which is more than the $142 million promised by the Governor in his four-year plan.  An additional $85 million would come from student tuition if the state provides funds for 5% enrollment growth, bringing the CSU budget to $4.4 billion.  The budget request includes money for mandatory cost increases, a 3% compensation pool, student success efforts, financing maintenance and infrastructure costs.

The Committee worked on three resolutions for first reading at the September plenary (see Resolutions Summary).

For more information, contact committee Chair Praveen Soni or visit the committee website.