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ISSUE 6 / October 2013


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Diana Guerin, Chair of the Academic Senate CSU, opines on the protracted absence of a faculty trustee on the Board of Trustees and its implications More »


Reports from the Standing Committees

The Chairs of the ASCSU’s four Standing Committees — Christine Miller of Academic Affairs (AA), Andreas Gebauer of Academic Preparation & Education Programs (APEP), Manzar Foroohar of Faculty Affairs (FA), and Praveen Soni of Fiscal & Governmental Affairs (FGA) — discuss their 2013-14 priorities and report on committee work already underway. More »

A "SWOT" Analysis of the CSU

Ask a marketing professor and his 90 students what the CSU most needs these days and they’ll answer, almost in chorus, “Better marketing!” According to Glen Brodowsky, Secretary of the ASCSU and Professor of Marketing at CSU San Marcos, that begins with a SWOT analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats any organization faces, and in this case, what the CSU itself needs to grapple with now and in the future in order to strengthen its brand. More »

Capitol Watch

Tom Krabacher, the ASCSU’s Legislative Specialist (our man in Sacramento), is keeping an eagle eye on higher-ed bills introduced, considered, and sometimes passed by the state legislature. He summarizes the results of this past session’s legislation most relevant to university faculty. More »

Bookmarks - A Handy list of URLs worth keeping on your desktop for future reference

Please send your URL suggestions to: Susan Gubernat, Member-at-Large

Book List- What Faculty colleagues are reading and recommending:

William G. Bowen. Higher Education in the Digital Age. Princeton University Press: 2013. This book is based on a recent series of lectures given by the author (a former president of Princeton University) as part of the 2012 Stanford’s famous Tenner Lecture Series. Bowen is a firm believer the future of online learning (MOOCs, or otherwise) in higher education and compellingly argues why this will be the case.  One might disagree with his positions, but if you want to understand the arguments we will increasingly be hearing from online advocates in the future, this is the most thorough statement of their case I’ve seen to date.  The book also contains a set of commentaries by other voices in the field, some of whom take issue with Bowen’s views. Finally, it has the virtue of being brief and to the point with a length of only 172 pages.—Tom Krabacher (ASCSU Senator, Sacramento).

Iain McGilchrist. The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World. Yale University Press: 2009. McGilchrist draws on contemporary research in neuroscience to warn of the imminent dangers inherent in overemphasizing and overdeveloping the capacity of the left hemisphere—what he calls “left hemisphere chauvinism”—to the detriment of the right in our increasingly technocratic world. Truly a tome but worth the effort of sustained attention that the author fears is being replaced by more mechanistic operations in our lives.—Susan Gubernat (ASCSU Senator, East Bay)

Please send your Book List suggestions to: Susan Gubernat, Member-at-Large


Board of Trustees Report

(Note: absent a Faculty Trustee to file a report, ASCSU Vice Chair Steve Filling provides his perspective on the most recent BOT meeting on September 24-25.) More »

Resolution Summaries

At the September 19-20 plenary, the ASCSU passed four resolutions. Five more resolutions were introduced and will be acted upon at the October 31-November 1 plenary session. Summaries of these nine items are provided. More »
Upcoming 2013 ASCSU Meeting dates
October 30 - ASCSU Standing Committee meetings
October 31-November 1 - ASCSU Plenary

December 6 - Standing Committee Interim meetings

January 22 - ASCSU Standing Committee meetings
January 23-24 - ASCSU Plenary

February 21 - Standing Committee Interim meetings

March 19 - ASCSU Standing Committee meetings
March 20-21 - ASCSU Plenary

April 11 - Standing Committee Interim meetings

April TBD - ASCSU Legislative Days

May 14 - ASCSU Standing Committee meetings
May 15-16 - ASCSU Plenary
May 16 - ASCSU Organizational Meeting and election of 2014-15 officers



The Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) is the official voice of faculty in matters of systemwide concern and provides the means to engage in shared governance as recognized by state law.

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