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Academic Affairs Committee

Darlene Yee-Melichar (San Francisco), Chair
The Academic Affairs Committee (AA) met on November 7, 2012; we successfully completed a full agenda containing informative liaison reports, important discussion items, and significant resolutions.  AA appreciated the opportunity to hear updates from Chancellors Office liaisons (Drs. Chris Mallon, Ken O’Donnell, and Leo Van Cleve) and members of this committee who serve on numerous systemwide committees and task forces.  A summary of our productive meeting includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Faculty Consultation on Baccalaureate Unit Limits: AA sought and received ASCSU and campus input from programs with more than 120/180 units; we discussed the Board of Trustees’ Committee on Educational Policies’ Agenda Item 1 on Baccalaureate Unit Limits, and refined the related resolution. Certain frank but respectful disagreements occurred concerning policy, governance, and timing; but committee members and the CO will continue collaborating as in the past to reach a broader consensus. In this respect, Dr. Chris Mallon has served us ably as Chancellor’s Office liaison on this important item and others; and we appreciate her ongoing efforts.

The draft Executive Order (EO) on Systemwide Nursing Policy was modified in response to input from statewide senate and campuses.  Based on this revision, AA refined the related resolution to reflect what will be the first EO on sytemwide nursing policy. Senators Andrea Boyle, Jim Postma, Marshelle Thobaben and Dr. Chris Mallon have been instrumental on this important work.

Faculty Consultation on Draft EOs on International Programs:  AA consulted on three draft EOs which consolidated 7 EOs pertaining to international agreements, international students, and study abroad and exchange.  Pending possible revisions suggested by the CSU Presidents and Provosts, we look forward to providing further faculty input on the draft EOs before systemwide implementation.  Dr. Leo Van Cleve has served us well with early faculty consultation.

CSU Access to Excellence Strategic Plan:  AA discussed the opportunity to consider the progress being made on the systemwide strategic plan.  We plan to weigh in on the progress being made to reduce existing achievement gaps.  We identified a subcommittee who will examine ways to proceed with this progress report.  Dr. Ken O’Donnell has been very informative on this effort.

Cal State Online (CSO): AA discussed faculty concerns about CSO in relation to academic freedom and voluntary participation, academic quality and rigor, intellectual property policies, and shared governance curricular review processes.  With ASCSU Executive Committee’s advice for AA to have direct information, Senator Barry Pasternack has volunteered to serve as an observer at in-person and virtual CSO meetings.

AA Disposition of ASCSU resolutions 2011-2012:  AA reviewed CO responses to AA resolutions for 2011-2012.  We appreciate the feedback provided by Dr. Ron Vogel, and discussed the need (if any) to follow-up on AS-3078-12/APEP/AA, Resolving Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID).

SB 1440 Follow-up:  AA questioned the availability of systemwide data that offers information on: 1) whether high-unit majors take longer to graduate, and 2) distribution of the number of units that a student takes in order to graduate in programs that require 120/180 units.  Dr. Chris Mallon and CO Analytic Studies worked to provide us with the data we requested.

Early faculty consultation was sought by Dr. Chris Mallon on a draft worksheet that could be submitted by campuses requesting an exception to a degree program’s Title 5 unit maximum.  AA appreciated the opportunity to weigh in on this draft.

For more information, contact committee Chair Darlene Yee-Melichar or visit the committee website.