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Academic Affairs Committee

Darlene Yee-Melichar (San Francisco), Chair
The Academic Affairs (AA) Committee successfully completed a very full meeting agenda on January 16-17, 2013. We listened to informative and helpful liaison reports (including updates from Chancellor’s Office liaisons Drs. Christine Mallon and Ken O’Donnell as well as a video conference presentation and discussion with SDSU Provost Nancy Marlin, AVP for Student Affairs Eric Rivera, and Undergraduate Dean Jeff Chase); and discussed our work on twelve important items of business:

  1. The need for any follow-up on the Board of Trustees item on Baccalaureate Unit Limits.
  2. The need for any follow-up on the signed consolidated Executive Orders on International Programs.
  3. CSU Access to Excellence (A2E) Strategic Plan:  AA heard from and discussed the A2E commitment/goal of reducing existing achievement gaps with our SDSU colleagues. AA found their presentation meaningful and worthy of presentation at a full statewide senate plenary if time permits.  We thanked Drs. Nancy Marlin, Eric Rivera and Jeff Chase as well as Senator Bill Eadie who is the lead on the AA subcommittee on reducing existing achievement gaps for making the video conference possible.
  4. Cal State Online (CSO): AA selected our observer to CSO Board meetings (Patricia Kalayjian), and discussed the white paper on online education in relation to intellectual property rights. 
  5. AA Disposition of ASCSU resolutions 2011-2012:  AA offered to collaborate with APEP on any follow-up pertaining to AS-3078-12/APEP/AA, Resolving Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID).
  6. Grading Structures for CSU Golden Four: AA discussed need for any follow-up on email from SF State campus senate chair that was referred to us from the ASCSU Executive Committee; AA Chair Darlene Yee-Melichar and GEAC Chair Mark Van Selst will follow-up with AVC Ron Vogel about how to best address grading structures for the CSU Golden Four.
  7. Council Of Library Deans (COLD) request for ASCSU resolution: Senator Judith Lessow-Hurley (COLD liaison) suggested that AA discuss the request from COLD for a resolution regarding Cal State Online and library resources when they provide us with further information.
  8. Request for a Joint Committee on Value Added (Quality) Metrics: AA discussed need for any action on this item pertaining to program assessment.
  9. Co-sponsorship of resolutions: AA conveyed support for and wish to co-sponsor two resolutions:
  10. Sponsorship of resolutions:  AA submitted two resolutions in first reading as follows:
    • Support for the Continued Inclusion of Upper Division General Education within WASC Accreditation Guidelines (waiver); and
    • Request for a Task Force to Study CSU Student Tuition Fees and Financial Aid Support
  11. These are important resolutions and we hope that campus senates will consider endorsing them.  Please see at:
  12. Potential resolution:  AA will continue work on the following draft resolution and consider it for submission in March 2013:
    • Reaffirming the Importance of Graduate Programs and Access to Those Programs;
  13. Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs): AA discussed need for an AA rep on this planned committee.

This completes my report with grateful appreciation to colleagues on the Academic Affairs Team for their collegial and productive work.

For more information, contact committee Chair Darlene Yee-Melichar or visit the committee website.