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Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee

Praveen Soni (Long Beach), Chair
The FGA Committee met with Robert Turnage from the Chancellor’s Office who apprised the committee about the 2013-14 January release of the Governor’s budget.  The Governor has proposed an increase in the CSU budget of $250 million, half of which was to be added to the CSU budget in response to the CSU rolling back student tuition in 2012-13 due to passage of Proposition 30.   The Governor would like to increase the CSU budget in the next four years by 4% to 5% annually with the expectation that student tuition would not be increased.  The CSU had requested a budget augmentation for increased enrollment, compensation, graduation initiatives, maintenance needs, etc.  The Governor earmarked $10 million for online education for high demand courses and to improve student progress to graduation.   The Governor also proposed shifting debt service on bonds and employer retirement contributions to the CSU budget.  The Governor will provide a revise in May of the 2013-14 CA budget in response to April tax receipts, and the legislature has to vote and pass the budget in June.

Robert Turnage also stated that one-third of student tuition is set-aside by the CSU Board of Trustees for State University Grants (SUG) given to students in addition to Pell grants from the federal government and CalGrants from the state government, and is revenue that is never collected and utilized for the CSU operating budget.  The SUG amount is about $627 million in 2012-13, of which $100 million goes to students in graduate programs.  The SUG amount has almost doubled in the last few years since it is tied to student tuition, which has increased. 

The FGA Committee discussed the SUG resolution, which would have a second reading at the plenary.  A majority of the members felt that it would be appropriate to cosponsor a resolution by the Academic Affairs Committee requesting the commissioning of a task force to comprehensively study both student tuition and financial aid including SUGs and withdraw the SUG resolution.

The FGA Committee also worked collaboratively on three resolutions for the plenary.  The first resolution commends Chancellor White on his example of leadership in requesting and accepting a 10% reduction in salary.  The second resolution calls on the CSU and its campuses to take a leading role in environmental sustainability in higher education.   The third resolution opposes legislation that would place a freeze on system-wide student fees and tuition increases. 

The FGA Committee agreed that the FGA members and the members of the Executive Committee would conduct both in Sacramento and in-district Spring 2013 Advocacy.    The Sacramento visit is likely to take place in April.  The Committee will be working on developing materials for the advocacy, which would include a DVD, brochure, talking points, etc.

Chair Soni distributed to the committee CSU actual expenditures for the last three years ending June 30, 2011, and sent a web-link for prior years.

For more information, contact committee Chair Praveen Soni or visit the committee website.