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Faculty Affairs Committee

Kevin Baaske (Los Angeles), Chair
The Faculty Affairs Committee met and considered revisions to a first reading resolution presented at the ASCSU’s November plenary.  The resolution proposed to change the ASCSU’s Bylaws by calling for the direct election of standing committee chairs.  Current policy has the Executive Committee appoint the chairs.  However, at the plenary, some Senators argued that the case for change was not made and supported continuing with the current policy.  Ultimately, after much discussion and debate, the resolution was defeated.

The Faculty Affairs Committee discussed several other issues. 

  • There is concern that some campuses may not have policies that clearly define the governance roles, rights, and responsibilities of all categories of full- and part-time faculty.  Such clarity is called for in the proposed WASC (our accreditation agency) guidelines and is probably good practice.  Rather than write a resolution, the Faculty Affairs Committee decided to contact campus senate chairs and to encourage them to see if their policies have explicitly addressed this. 
  • We also held preliminary conversations on the challenges some programs have finding effective chairs.  Unfortunately, chairing is frequently not seen as a rewarding experience by the CSU faculty, yet it is an undeniably important leadership role which faculty necessarily assume. 
  • In addition, we discussed the title “Clinical Professor” and may look into whether or not such a job designation would benefit the CSU.
  • Finally, we discussed the CSU’s endeavors on promoting mental health and will schedule a time-certain with Ray Murillo, Associate Director of Student Programs at the Chancellor’s Office, so that we can become more fully informed on the matter.

At our interim meeting in February, the Faculty Affairs Committee will consider whether or not the ASCSU ought to address these issues via a resolution.  If so, we might author a resolution and present it as a first reading resolution at the March plenary.

I look forward to updating you again in the future.

For more information, contact committee Chair Kevin Baaske at or visit the committee website.