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Bernadette Cheyne (Humboldt)

Live-Streaming, and Audio/Video Recordings of Board Meetings
Beginning with the January meeting of the Board of Trustees, the meetings will be live-streamed via Internet for those who wish to watch the proceedings as they are occurring, or the audio/video recording can be accessed online for up to 12 months after the meeting.  The January meeting is available at the following link:

January Board Meeting
The CSU Board of Trustees met on January 22-23, 2013.  A detailed report of that meeting is being prepared and will be posted to the ASCSU website.  The Board’s agenda and attachments also are available at the website link in the previous paragraph, which also includes additional links to the PowerPoints and other presentations that were made during the various committee meetings.   

This was Chancellor White’s first meeting since assuming his new position.  Governor Brown was present for his second consecutive Board meeting.  Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson also were present for portions of the meeting.   In addition, the Board welcomed new Trustee Douglas Faigin.

Of the many agenda items discussed, there are three in particular that I will highlight here:

Baccalaureate Unit Limits:  Prior to the meeting, and with considerable input from the ASCSU, I prepared an alternative proposal to the changes put forward to Title 5 regarding Baccalaureate Unit Limits.  The proposal would have abandoned the changes to Title 5 and referred the issue to Academic Affairs to work with the ASCSU in addressing the issues.  In November 2013 the Board would review progress and decide what, if any, further action might be required.  The alternative proposal was unsuccessful and the Title 5 changes were passed.  However an amendment was accepted regarding the Chancellor’s authority to make curricular changes, requiring that there be consultation with “disciplinary faculty and other appropriate individuals” prior to any such action.

Cal State Online:  At the meeting, the Trustees received a revised Title 5 modification regarding Cal State Online that removed the term “self-support” from the proposed amendment.  This means that Cal State Online now can include both self-support and state-support programs. 

This change likely was a result of wishing to include Cal State Online in the Governor’s proposed $10 million budget allocation to the CSU for online education.  However, it does raise questions which must be resolved regarding fee structures negotiated with Pearson eCollege and how they might apply to state-support programs offered under the aegis of Cal State Online. 

2012-2013 Governor’s Budget Proposal:  There was a sense of guarded optimism with the passage of Prop 30 and the Governor’s proposed budget.  The 2012-13 budget already calls for a $125 million reimbursement for the $137 million cost of the tuition rollback.  The Governor’s proposal also would provide an additional $125.1 million, as well as a multi-year plan that calls for increases in the four subsequent years—5% each for the first two years and 4% each for the following two years—with certain codicils, including no tuition increases, greater course accessibility, decreased time to graduation, and others.  The proposal also would fold into the CSU base budget its debt service, health benefit rates, and retirement contributions, the costs of which tend to trend upward and be very unpredictable.  Hence the use of “guarded” in my opening sentence.

Meeting with Governor Brown
On December 27, ASCSU Chair Guerin and Secretary Brodowsky, CFA President Lillian Taiz, and I met with Governor Brown at his Oakland office.  A major focus of that meeting was on-line curricular initiatives, however we also managed to touch upon a number of other topics important to faculty including faculty workload, tenure-track hires, curricular integrity, the need for sufficient funding, etc.  We later received a response to our “thank you” note to the Governor which suggests that he is interested in continuing these conversations, which would be very positive.  I will continue to pursue this avenue of communication between the Governor and faculty leaders.

Campus Visits
On February 3-4 I will visit the Monterey Bay campus and look forward to very engaging visits with faculty, students, administrators and staff.  I am currently working with representatives of Cal Poly Pomona to set up a visit that hopefully will occur on February 13, as well as rescheduling my visit to San Marcos.  If you work at any of those campuses, I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet with you.