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The ASCSU acted upon five resolutions during its January plenary session. Briefly, they are as follows

Support for Alternative General Education (GE) Pathways for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Transfer Students - AS-3101-12/APEP/AA (Rev)
This resolution urges the creation of GE transfer pathways that preserve student rights and guarantees while allowing them to substitute some lower-division GE coursework with major/major preparation coursework both under IGETC and GE-Breadth.  The resolution was approved unanimously.

A Smoke-Free California State University

The resolution asks the Chancellor to prohibit smoking as well as the sale of tobacco products on campuses. It was approved with amendments.

Towards an Evidence-Based Culture in Establishing Initiatives and Academic Policies and Initiatives - AS-3103-12/APEP
This resolution urges more pre-implementation analysis of new policies and initiatives, and the piloting of them, before systemwide implementation. This resolution is partially in reaction to proposed fee changes and cites them as an example.  It was approved without dissent.

Commendation of Chancellor White for Requesting a 10% Reduction in Salary AS-3108-13/FGA
The motion is self-explanatory, and it was approved.

Support for the Continued Inclusion of Upper Division General Education within WASC Accreditation Guidelines - AS-3109-13/AA (Waiver of First Reading)
This resolution strongly opposed the proposed elimination of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Guideline described in CFR 2.2a from the Revisions to the Draft 2013 Handbook of Accreditation (http://wascsenior. org/content/draft-2013-handbook-accreditation) and urged WASC to include the CFR 2.2a Guideline modified as follows “The institution has a program of General Education that is integrated throughout the curriculum, including at the upper division level, together with significant study in depth in a given area of knowledge (typically described as a major)”.  The motion was approved.


The ASCSU introduced four additional resolutions that have implications beyond the ASCSU.  These resolutions will return for a second reading in January

California State University (CSU) Action on Environmental Sustainability -
AS-3110-13/FGA (Rev)
This resolution commends the CSU campuses that have signed the American College & University Presidents’ ClimateCommitment and the CSU campuses that have signed Talloires Declaration and encourages the Chancellor’s Office and the other campuses to consider becoming signatories to these commitments.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Praveen Soni or visit the committee website)

Support for the Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) Decisions: (Reaffirming AS-3078-12/APEP/AA) - AS-3111-13/APEP
This resolution expresses support for the continuation of the system and requests funding to ensure its viability. The system not only supports the implementation of SB 1440 but also provides a vehicle for systemwide articulation. .
(For more information, contact committee Chair Bob Buckley or visit the committee website)

AB 67 (Gorell) Post-Proposition 30 Freeze on Systemwide Student Fees and Tuition Increases - AS-3112-13/FGA
This resolution expresses concerns about overall CSU funding and encourages the author to include exceptions in the case that adequate state general fund support is unavailable.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Praveen Soni or visit the committee website

Request for a Task Force to Study California State University (CSU) Student Tuition Fees and Financial Aid Support - AS-3113-13/AA/FGA
This bill reaffirms AS-2774-06/AA, Request for a Task Force to Study California State University (CSU) Student Fee Policy (; and requests that the Chancellor’s Office, in conjunction with the ASCSU and the California State Student Association (CSSA), undertake a study of CSU student tuition fees and financial aid support to determine what changes may be made to existing policy and procedures that would result in a better allocation of state resources to enhance academic achievement, facilitate graduation, and promote student success.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Darlene Yee-Melichar or visit the committee website

The following resolutions were withdrawn, tabled, referred to committee or failed.

Selection of Committee Chairs-Proposed Change to the ASCSU Bylaws - Failed
AS-3096-12/FA (Rev)

On the California State University Board of Trustees Instituted State University Grants (SUGs) - Withdrawn
AS-3100-12/FGA (Rev)