Report on the Meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees

September 19-20, 2000
Harold Goldwhite, Faculty Trustee


The Board met at CSU headquarters in Long Beach.

As usual I will focus on a selection of the most significant items on the agendas.

The Committee on Educational Policy approved a "fast-track" proposal for the addition of a B.A. degree with a major in Chinese Studies at the Long Beach campus with an implementation date of 2001. The Committee received the first annual report of the CSU Accountability Process which includes two page summaries of the individual campus reports. In presenting the report to the board Executive Vice Chancellor Spence reviewed the purposes of the report and discussed the CSU's nine performance areas that are to be reported annually. He stressed that this year's report would set a baseline and that in discussions between the Chancellor and the Presidents each campus would develop its goals for progress during the ensuing academic year.

The Committee on Finance approved initial plans for a National Training Center and Sports Complex at CSU Dominguez Hills; and a Joint Powers Authority at CSU Stanislaus' Stockton Center. It also heard the first presentation on the Board's budget plans for 2001-2002. Under the partnership agreement with the Governor an additional $245 million will be requested and, in addition, the Board may request a further $121 million for improvements in quality, access, and K-12 academic preparation. The total increase requested will probably be, therefore, some $366 million on a base budget for 2000-2001 of around $3.4 billion. The 4% increased partnership funding includes expected enrollment growth; YRO implementation; a 4% compensation increase pool for all employees; $15 million for technology; and $5 million each for libraries and deferred maintenance. Funding above the partnership agreement includes a further 2% in compensation for all employees; $12 million for student services improvement; $5 million investment in faculty and staff housing (a first!); and $6 million in graduate student conversion, which means calculating graduate student FTES on the basis of 12 units rather than 15 for one graduate FTES. The Board will finalize its budget request by conference call on October 26.

The Committee on Campus Planning, Buildings and Grounds approved minor amendments to, and reports on, capital outlay programs; annual reports on Environmental Quality and Seismic Review; and approved schematic plans for projects at CSU Sacramento (Regional and Continuing Education building) and CSPU San Luis Obispo (Engineering and Agriculture Renovation/Replacement.)

The Committee on Organization and Rules approved the proposal that the March 20-21, 2000 Board meeting be held on the campus of CSU Long Beach.

In addition to approving the regular Legislative Report the Committee on Governmental Relations opposed Proposition 38 - School Vouchers, and the Board later unanimously endorsed that position.

The annual presentation of campus advancement plans was made to the Committee on Institutional Advancement. Each campus report now includes a summary not only of the amounts raised, but also of the campus' investment in development activities. (Copies of your campus' report should be available from your Development office). Most campuses are moving to dues-paying alumni associations, if they do not already have them

The Committee on Audit heard reports on audit assignments and on construction auditing in the CSU. The audit process has been greatly improved, but is suffering from difficulty in hiring and retaining qualified staff.

The Committee of the Whole heard the semi-annual Litigation Report. There are between two and three hundred cases pending at any one time. There have been noticeable increases in the percentages of cases dealing with employment and with students during the past 5 years; in March 1996 the average payment by the CSU per case settled was about $30,000; in March 2000 about $73,000.

The Committee on Collective Bargaining open session was attended by Assembly Speaker Robert Herzberg who, along with other legislators, has sent a letter to the Chancellor requesting an analysis by the Legislative Analyst's Office of the allegations by CFA that the results of the FMI program showed a significant gender bias in favor of men. The CSU management retained a statistical analyst who presented a report which contradicted CFA's. Two unions (APC and CFA) have not reached agreements on compensation for 2000-2001. The Chancellor stated that the CSU management has reiterated its offer to CFA of a 6% salary pool retroactive to July 1, 2000. CFA President Susan Meisenhelder addressed the Committee taking issue with the CSU management's analysis of the FMI program, and pointing out other areas where CFA still needs some movement by CSU management.

When the Board of Trustees convened on Wednesday morning Chair Gould, in his report, announced that Trustees Achtenberg, Galinson, and Mehta were all confirmed by 30-0 votes of the State Senate. President Asplund of the Maritime Academy will retire in Summer 2001; trustees appointed to the Presidential Search Committee are Pesqueira (Chair), Achtenberg, and Wang. President Evans will be retiring from Channel Islands; trustees appointed to the search committee are Campbell (Chair), Farar, and Foster.

In his report the Chancellor, commenting that he has been almost exactly 3 years on the job, emphasized that he believes the mission of the CSU is the finest in the country, and that he takes great pride in the leadership of the Presidents and the accomplishments of faculty, students, and staff. In addition to re-emphasizing many of the themes discussed in the committee reports above, the Chancellor said that he expected the review of the Master Plan for Education proceeding in the legislature to be important for the CSU this coming year.

In the public comment section which concludes the Board meeting the CSU Long Beach student body president announced the first Cal State Cares day, organized by CSU Student Body Presidents, and tentatively set for March 23, 2001, when all CSU students will be urged to give a day for community service.

Around ten speakers including Susan Meisenhelder, CFA President, Mary Burgan, General Secretary of AAUP, and Denise Tanguay, from Eastern Michigan, addressed the Board on the deficiencies of the current FMI program, and urged its suspension. Many CSU faculty were in attendance on Wednesday morning, and after the Board meeting held a luncheon rally on the patio of the Chancellor's Office.

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