Report of the Meeting of the CSU
Board of Trustees May 15-16, 2001

Harold Goldwhite, Faculty Trustee


The Board of Trustees of the CSU met at the Chancellor's Office in Long Beach on May 15 and 16, 2001. The Board welcomed a new trustee, Kyriakos Tsakopoulos, who lives in Sacramento; and welcomed back trustee Bill Hauck who was reappointed to a second full term by Governor Davis.

The complete Board Agenda can be viewed from the following Website:

In closed session the Board held the three year review of Chancellor Reed. Board Chair Larry Gould announced that there would be an open letter to the CSU community giving the results of the Board review. (This letter will probably be posted on the Board's website.)

The Committee of the Whole heard a report on CSU's Quality Improvement Initiative which addresses support services such as accounts payable, environmental health and safety, facilities, financial aid, libraries etc. The aim is to learn how well these services serve our students, staff, and faculty.

The Committee on Educational Policy heard three information items. The achievements of CalState TEACH, the statewide program to credential teachers with emergency permits, were described. Over 1000 teachers with emergency certificates are now enrolled, and some 180 received their credentials this Spring. A technical change to Title 5 concerning Summer Early Entrants was introduced. Finally the Ad Hoc Committee on Alcohol Policies and Prevention Programs presented its report. Its major thrusts are communication to and education of students, and development of training, intervention, and treatment programs. The principles and recommendations of this report will be presented to the Board for adoption in July.

The meeting of the Committee on Finance received the May revision of the Governor's Budget for the CSU. Although the revised budget, which increases General Fund support to the CSU by 8% over this year's budget, is seen by CSU administration as good for the CSU, given the condition of the State's finances, it is disappointing in a number of respects, particularly the Governor's reduction of proposed compensation increases for CSU employees to 2%. (No other group of State employees received any compensation increase in this revision.)

The most significant item of information in the Committee on Governmental Relations, was that on the possible bond issue for education. It seems likely that an initiative will be placed on the March or November 2002 ballot for a $4.8 billion bond, which will include all segments of public education

The meeting of the Committee on Campus Planning, Buildings, and Grounds was dominated by the discussion of the Final Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Sports Complex at CSU Dominguez Hills. An hour each was devoted to presentations Pro and Con. The Committee decided to continue the matter to a special meeting of the Committee and the full Board to be convened within 10 to 21 days. Meanwhile the Committee will seek further information. The report on the CSU Energy Management Program pointed out the 20 year history of energy conservation in the CSU. The Governor's proposed budget does include $34 million for electricity costs for this year and next. The CSU's current contract with Enron, which stabilizes electricity costs, expires on 3/31/02. The University is negotiating for a combined long term electricity and gas contract. It is estimated that this coming summer there will be up to 55 days of rolling blackouts in the State.

On Tuesday afternoon the 2001 winners of the Wang Family Excellence Award were publicly recognized, and they were honored by a Board banquet on Tuesday evening. They are Edward EmanuEl of Fresno; Maria Elena Zavala of Northridge; Jane Hall of Fullerton; Aubrey Fine of Cal Poly Pomona; and Valerie Bordeaux of Long Beach.

The long hearing on the Dominguez Hills Sports Complex kept the remainder of the Board meeting on Wednesday brief. The Chair and the Board bid farewell to Neel "Bubba" Murarka, departing student trustee; Larry Adamson, outgoing President of the Alumni Council; and Shaun Lumachi, outgoing Chair of CSSA and thanked them for their contributions to the CSU. There will be a Board member on each campus for Commencement ceremonies this year. The Chancellor reiterated his concern over the 2% compensation proposal and said the CSU would lobby for an increase in that item. Enrollment in State supported summer terms this year looks very strong. There will be a hearing on June 12 in Sacramento on the proposal for a CSU independent Ed.D. The bill has 37 co-sponsors. CSU students gave an unprecedented 33 million hours of service to their communities this year.

There are significant changes in store for Board leadership. Current Vice Chair Dee Dee Myers is moving to Washington D.C. in the Fall. The Board elected Larry Gould as Chair and Debra Farar as Vice Chair for 2001-2002.

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