CSU and the Schools: Partners For Success
Draft Report

AS-2147-93/TE - May 6-7, 1993

WHEREAS, The California State University Trustees' Committee on Educational Policy appointed a subcommittee to examine the role and mission of the CSU with respect to K-12 education and recommend ways in which relationships between the CSU and K-12 could be enhanced; and

WHEREAS, The historic relationship between the CSU and California's public schools "goes far beyond the simple equation of the flow of students from the schools to the university;" and

WHEREAS, The CSU's relationship to the schools is a central component of the cultural and economic vitality of California; and

WHEREAS, The CSU's cooperative early outreach programs with schools have increased the diversity of professionals serving in all areas of California business, industry, and government; and

WHEREAS, The CSU ensures relationships between CSU and the schools which are strategically focused on improving education for California's diverse students; and

WHEREAS, The report CSU and the Schools: Partners for Success, focuses on the importance of diversity in defining both the mission of the CSU and its relationship with K-12; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Academic Senate of the California State University endorse the report and urge the Board of Trustees of the CSU to adopt the report, CSU and the Schools: Partners for Success.

APPROVED -- May 6, 1993

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