Faculty Role In The Establishment Of A New Campus At Fort Ord

AS-2166-93 /Floor - May 6-7, 1993

WHEREAS, The California State University Board of Trustees intend to establish a new campus at Fort Ord that is also planned to be a charter campus; and

WHEREAS, There was no faculty consultation in the development of the proposal to establish a campus at Fort Ord; and

WHEREAS, The Academic Senate of the California State University, in AS-1829-88/FA, adopted a position statement on "Faculty Role in the Establishment of New Campuses" urging the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees "to involve appropriate faculty representatives in the development of new campuses;" and

WHEREAS, If a new campus is to be established, significant faculty participation will be required for the new campus at Fort Ord in such matters as formulation of mission statement, academic master plan, and the design of physical facilities, especially teaching and laboratory space; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That, if plans for a new campus at Fort Ord are to go forward, the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the Chancellor to establish, in consultation with the Academic Senate CSU, a Steering Committee of faculty to perform the following tasks:

  1. to advise the Interim Provost for CSU Monterey Bay (Fort Ord) and the leadership team on all relevant issues in lieu of a CSUMB faculty;

  2. to consult on budget and resource challenges, plans, allocations, etc.;

  3. to assist in designing and implementing staffing, including creation of administrative and faculty teams and recruitment and hiring of faculty;

  4. to provide guidance on academic planning related to the development of a draft mission and goal statement; curricular framework and programmatic specialties; core curriculum; feasibility report; self-study; and accreditation documents;

  5. to serve as a catalyst for innovative ideas, projects and proposals for the new campus;

  6. other tasks as mutually agreed to and as needed.

APPROVED -- May 7, 1993

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