Resolution Of Commendation For Senator Susan Sunderland

AS-2172 -93/FA - May 6-7, 1993

WHEREAS, Senator Susan Sunderland has served the California State University, Hayward and the Academic Senate CSU* with diligence, intelligence and humor for six years; and

WHEREAS, Senator Sunderland has, with characteristic modesty, urgently requested of the CSU Hayward delegation that no resolution of commendation be offered for her at this meeting; and

WHEREAS, Her delegation has persuaded her that such an omission would suggest dereliction on the delegation's part rather than modesty on hers; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That we of the Academic Senate of the California State University commend Senator Sunderland for her diligence, intelligence, humor and modesty; and be it further

RESOLVED: That we don't tell anybody about it.

* I have been asked to note that the Academic Senate staff wants Susan to know how much she will be missed in that office.

Approved By Acclamation - May 6-7, 1993

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