Resolution of Support and Commendation (Condemnation) of the CSU Academic Senate Service of Dr. Alan Wade

AS-2173-93/Sacramento Del. - May 6-7, 1993

WHEREAS, Senator Alan Wade's serenity, shyness, and general reticence made him a remarkably decorous presence in this body; and

WHEREAS, Senator Alan Wade's actions on behalf of the infamous University House W.C. stained glass window has led to the establishment of the notorious blank wall space in such W.C. that shall forever live on as a memorial to the legislative career of Senator Alan Wade; and

WHEREAS, A certain Senator from the Fullerton Campus finds herself with the departure from the Senate of Senator Alan Wade deprived of a conversational partner, confidante, and observer on the events of the day; and

WHEREAS, Senator Alan Wade (as a consequence of the vigorously fought Balkan War waged for territorial imperatives in the back row of the conference center), emerged triumphantly elevated as one of the inhabitants of the mountain top; and

WHEREAS, Senator Alan Wade's impeccable timing in all things as well as his discipline and training in the compassionate field of social work shows his wisdom in abandoning the sinking ship of the CSU before the band had played the last notes of "Nearer My God to Thee"; and

WHEREAS, Senator Alan Wade's departure from the Academic Senate CSU has contributed to the decline (but hopefully not the fall) of the Beach Town cabal; and

WHEREAS, Senator Alan Wade has displayed an unassailable (if at times incomprehensible) sense of humor; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University express its gratitude and commendation to Senator Alan Wade for his warmth, unflagging good humor, remarkable collegiality, and effectiveness as a member of this body as a representative of the California State University, Sacramento.

Approved By Acclamation - May 6-7, 1993

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