Orientation On Campus Crime For International Students

AS-2183-93/CSIP - March 10-11, 1994

WHEREAS, The Public Safety Office on each campus is mandated by federal law to produce annual statistics on major crimes reported for each campus and its area of influence; and

WHEREAS, The campus statistics on crimes are reported to campus presidents, the Chancellor’s Office and the Department of Justice and must, by federal law, be provided to incoming students; and

WHEREAS, International students, who may be disadvantaged in their understanding of U. S. culture and language, might not fully comprehend the statistics on the Major Crimes Report or be prepared to make appropriate responses; and

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the Chancellor to ensure that incoming international students receive an orientation which includes addressing the implications of the annual statistics on the Major Crimes Report for the campus they are to attend.

APPROVED -- May 5-6, 1994

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