Recommendations Regarding Proposed Revisions to
Executive Order 298, and Corresponding Revisions to
Section 1502.05 of the State University
Administrative Manual (SUAM)

AS-2192(B)-94/CSIP - March 10-11, 1994

WHEREAS, Executive Order 298 governing extension student enrollment in regular session offerings specifies that "Registration and enrollment records concerning regular classes in which extension students are enrolled shall be kept so as to differentiate between regular and extension students for the purpose of reporting"; and

WHEREAS, The record-keeping provision EO 298 (see attached) has been implemented in a way that designates the course offering as an "extension" course on the student’s transcript; and

WHEREAS, Under the provisions of Title 5, Section 40403(b) courses designated as extension courses are excluded from being counted toward meeting requirements for the baccalaureate degree, except that the Chancellor may designate specified extension courses that may be offered for residence credit; and

WHEREAS, Existing CSU policy (EO 466) provides that degree credit offered through Special Session shall be applicable toward residence credit requirements at the campus offering the Special Session; and

WHEREAS, The Deans of Extended/Continuing Education have proposed revisions (see attachment) to EO 298 (see attachment) may not be required in order to allow all non-matriculated students to obtain residence credit in all regular state-supported course offerings (concurrent enrollment) subject to the limitations specified in section E on the number of units that may be applied to the baccalaureate and master’s degree and the restriction on application to the residency requirement for undergraduate and graduate degrees; and

WHEREAS, The proposed revisions to EO 298 were submitted in conjunction with proposed revisions to EO 166 and 466 on External Degrees and Special Sessions, respectively, that would allow regular courses included in degree/certificate programs offered through Extended/Continuing Education to be designated as Special Session courses; and

WHEREAS, The proposed revision of EO 298 would not be required in order to allow extension students pursuing external degree/certificate programs to receive residence credit for enrollment in courses that are designated as Special Session by virtue of their inclusion in external degree/certificate programs; and

WHEREAS, Rising fees for matriculated students and the imposition of duplicate degree tuition has made the cost of concurrent enrollment more attractive; and

WHEREAS, The implementation of the proposed revision of EO 298 may result in a change in the proportion of matriculated and non-matriculated students enrolled in state-supported course offerings that may create enrollment planning difficulties, increased workload for faculty in assessing student qualifications for the course, and failure to meet state enrollment projections; therefore be it

RESOLVED: The Academic Senate of the California State University urge further study of the proposed revisions to EO 298 and corresponding section of SUAM Section 1502.05 specifically as they relate to: (1) the impact of changes in the proportion of matriculated and non-matriculated students in regular course offerings, and (2) whether or not such revision is necessary in order to accomplish the objectives of the proposed revisions to EO 166 and EO 466.

APPROVED -- May 5-6, 1994

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