CSUMB and the Teaching of Foreign Languages and Cultures in the CSU

AS-2197-94/CSIP - March 10-11, 1994

WHEREAS, Recent developments in the global economy––including the creation of the European Union, the economic ascendancy of Asia, and the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement––have created a world with cultural and linguistic characteristics that the economic, political, and social institutions of California will ignore at their peril; and

WHEREAS, California's ability to prosper in the world requires the preparation of significant numbers of professionals whose competencies include fluency in one or more languages and cultures, including commonly taught and less commonly taught languages; and

WHEREAS, The instructional resources available to the Monterey Bay campus through its Center for Intensive Language and Culture, which was recently formed by a consortium of the California State University, the Defense Language Institute-Language Center, the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey Peninsula College, and the University of California, has the potential to be a systemwide resource for preserving and expanding language programs in the CSU; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the Chancellor to assist the Academic Senate in forming a systemwide task force on foreign language instruction which would include representatives from the CSU Foreign Language Council, whose purpose shall be 1) to survey current foreign language programs on the campuses, 2) to investigate the ways in which the system might best improve existing foreign language resources, 3) to suggest ways of expanding and promoting instruction in foreign languages and cultures using the Monterey Bay campus and its Center for Intensive Language and Culture as a systemwide resource, and 4) to recommend collaborative, mutually beneficial ways to develop the linguistic and cultural resources of CSU programs, including those of Monterey Bay.

APPROVED -- May 5-6, 1994

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