Regional Specialization Agreements Between
Public and Independent Postsecondary Segments
Including Instruction in Professional Disciplines and
Expansion of Joint Doctoral Programs

AS-2208-94/GA/AA - May 5-6, 1994

WHEREAS, AB 2895 (Archie-Hudson): Restructuring Postsecondary Education as introduced in February 1994, would ask the state's public and independent postsecondary segments to develop by January 31, 1995, "regional specialization agreements" for several functions, including "instruction in professional disciplines" and "expansion of joint doctoral programs;" and

WHEREAS, The profile of the typical student in the California State University is distinctly different from that of the University of California and of most private, independent institutions, viz., the CSU student is typically, considerably older, commonly working many hours per week, commonly place-bound by work and family obligations; and

WHEREAS, The typical student in the California State University would face severe obstacles in attempting to take some instruction in one geographic location while taking other instruction in another location 25–50 miles distant; and

WHEREAS, Few apparent savings would accrue from combining programs that are already carrying suitable, full student loads; and

WHEREAS, Individual programs on particular campuses typically draw specially and uniquely upon the particular expertise of the resident faculty, leading to majors that are differently crafted on different campuses, but resulting in a richer, higher quality educational experience for students; and

WHEREAS, The current status of specialization and articulation together with the costs and benefits of such specialization and articulation are presently imperfectly known, and the apparent benefits of still further specialization through explicit agreements between campuses are imperfectly understood at present;
therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University oppose the early imposition of requirements to develop regional specialization agreements, such as are apparently contemplated in AB 2895 (Archie-Hudson): Restructuring Postsecondary Education; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU express its willingness to take part in any study of the costs and benefits of specialization and articulation that the California State University may be asked by state policymakers to undertake.


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