Recommendation in Support of Local Flexibility in
Financial Management in Section 1508 of the
State University Administration Manual (SUAM)

AS-2212-94/AA - May 5-6, 1994

WHEREAS, The California State University Commission on the Extended University has suggested revisions in the State University Administration Manual (SUAM) that call for the review of the Academic Senate of the California State University; and

WHEREAS, The current Section 1508.02.03 contains minimum percentages of revenue for summer session support services; and

WHEREAS, The suggested revisions in Section 1508 remove the required minimum levels and set maximum percentage budget limits for special session support services (i.e., library, utilities, rent, custodial services, student services, instructional computing and media services, and administrative costs at the department, school, and college level) that are unduly restrictive; and

WHEREAS, Those stated limits do not consider the uniqueness of individual campuses and will jeopardize current budget distribution plans on some campuses; and

WHEREAS, The financial support for special sessions distributed to departments, schools, and colleges, and other units can have a profound effect on the quality of instruction and the effectiveness of those individual units; and

WHEREAS, The ultimate responsibility for budgeting for special sessions are generally left to campus Presidents who, in consultation with faculty and staff, are in the best position to determine costs and create budget distribution plans; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge that the Commission on the Extended University amend its draft document revisions in Section 1508 of the State University Administrative Manual (SUAM) to maintain or increase current minimum budget percentages designated for support services in special sessions, rather than setting maximum percentages as proposed, and to specify that campus continuing education budget distribution plans should be worked out on the individual campuses under the direction of the campus presidents with appropriate faculty consultation.

APPROVED -- May 5-6, 1994

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