Support for a CSU Campus at Monterey Bay

AS-2213-94/GA - May 5-6, 1994

WHEREAS, A well educated populace is an essential foundation for the economic, social and civic well-being of any state; and

WHEREAS, Important among the costs of providing access to higher education to Californians is the cost of land and of buildings; and

WHEREAS, The closure of the military base at Ford Ord, located at Monterey Bay, California, has resulted in a remarkable opportunity to use land and buildings in the construction of a new campus for the California State University; and

WHEREAS, The government of the United States of America has, in addition to agreeing to convey land and buildings to a new California State University campus at Monterey Bay, provided millions of dollars in direct financial support for the infrastructure modifications and improvements needed to make a strong beginning for the new campus which may or may not be sufficient for the start-up of the new campus; and

WHEREAS, The development of a new campus necessarily requires substantial initial funding, and current CSU budget allocations are insufficient to support existing campus fiscal requirements; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University support the development of the new campus, California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), provided that the future operating costs of CSUMB are provided by augmentations to the CSU budget based on enrollments at and the mission of CSUMB.

APPROVED -- May 5-6, 1994

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