Request for the Continued Maintenance of the Integrity of the Continuing Education Reserve Fund (CERF)

AS-2254-95/AA - March 9-10, 1995

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the Chancellor to importune the Governor and the Department of Finance of the State of California to rescind its additional assessment of $1,300,000 from the Continuing Education Reserve Fund (CERF) in the interest of furthering the ability of the CSU to achieve its educational mission; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU endorse the principle that the integrity of the Continuing Education Reserve Fund (CERF) be maintained in order that the Commission on Extended University can continue to direct its energies towards the successful achievement of the educational mission of the California State University.

RATIONALE: Budgetary stringencies in the state of California have increasingly mandated all units within the public sector to manage their funds in the most prudent manner possible. Furthermore, the California State University system has been increasingly engaged in the pursuit of sources of monies from outside the general fund. At the same time, the increasing globalization of the California economy, the rising population of immigrants, and the rapid changes of the information age have led to the need to develop new modes of instruction to reach new populations of students and to the recognition that higher education is a lifelong process. In all these areas, the units dependent upon the CERF fund have played a leadership role within the CSU. The continuation of this role is dependent on the financial integrity of the CERF fund. The fund has been used in order to finance ongoing efforts, to help support educational innovations, and to act as seed money for the development of new programs. The CERF account does not consist of idle funds––these are in reality earmarked to meet existing obligations over the educational cycle, or to enable new undertakings to take place. The Commission on Extended University (CEU) has been designated by the Board of Trustees of the CSU as the university body to manage the funds in a prudent fashion. The removal of funds from the CERF account threatens the existence of some ongoing programs, and is likely to have a chilling effect on the entrepreneurial spirit that the current fiscal condition of the state warrants.

APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY -- March 9-10, 1995

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