State Budget For The CSU

AS-2258-95/GA - March 9-10, 1995

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University support a state budget that includes full and adequate funding from the general fund budget for The California State University, rather than a state spending plan for The California State University that relies upon increases in mandatory, systemwide student fees for the 1995-96 academic year.

RATIONALE: As of early May 1995, economic indicators are good (although not excellent) for the state of California, and expectations for the May Revision of general fund receipt forecasts are optimistic. This means that a reasonable opportunity is at hand for at least temporary relief for students in The California State University, who have seen their mandatory, systemwide fees increase every year for several years in a row.

A pause in the run-up of student fees would give students and their families much deserved breathing room, an opportunity for planning. With a pause in increases in mandatory fees, more Californians might also choose to enroll in The California State University, something that will bring long-term benefits as educated citizens contribute to the economic, civic and social life of the state.

All of this must be contingent upon reasonable budget allocations to The California State University, however. Thus the spending plan adopted by the Legislature and the Governor upon conclusion of this year's budget-adoption cycle must not only avoid increases in student fees, but must also avoid simply leaving the University with neither adequate general fund appropriations nor with student fee income to make up shortfalls in state appropriations.

APPROVED -- May 4-5, 1995

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