Investigation of a Vote of No Confidence


RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the Chancellor to investigate the circumstances leading to a vote of no confidence when the Chancellor is notified that a campus president has received a vote of no confidence (or its equivalent) from the faculty or Senate of that campus and to share the findings of the investigation with the campus senate and inform the Academic Senate CSU of the completion of the investigation.

RATIONALE: Although many circumstances may contribute to a vote of no confidence, such a vote, ipso facto, is significant. Whenever a majority of the faculty, or their representatives, conclude that a situation on their campus is sufficiently serious to warrant voting no confidence in their president, the Chancellor should be concerned about the conduct of administrative leadership and the effects on the integrity of campus educational programs and campus morale. The Academic Senate calls upon the Chancellor to make that concern known to the campus and inform them, and the Academic Senate CSU, of steps s/he will take to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the vote of no confidence.

Approved - January 18-19, 1996

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