Proposition 203

AS-2308-96/F&GA - January 18-19, 1996

RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate of the California State University endorse Proposition 203, the bond measure authorizing $300 million to support the Capital Outlay Budget for the CSU; and be it further

RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate CSU urge campus academic senates, members of the CSU community and citizens of the State of California to support the passage of Proposition 203.

RATIONALE: The CSU faculty is aware that maintaining and increasing access to a quality higher education requires a safe and healthy learning environment. However, seven years of unfunded repair and maintenance have created "looming disasters" which place students, faculty and staff at some peril. Proposition 203 would begin to address these concerns by improving seismic safety and providing needed infrastructure and building renovations. The measure would also facilitate the delivery of a high quality education by improving campus telecommunication.

APPROVED WITHOUT DISSENT -- January 18-19, 1996

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