Opposition to Senate Bill 1399 (Ayala):
Postsecondary Education: Required Reading Material

AS-2318-96/F&GA - March 7-8, 1996

RATIONALE: That the Academic Senate of the California State University oppose SB 1399(Ayala): Postsecondary Education: Required Reading Material.

1. SB 1399 is potentially in conflict with First Amendment Rights as protected under the Constitution.

2. SB 1399 makes it unnecessarily difficult for faculty to share their course-related ideas with their students.

3. SB 1399 would unnecessarily discourage teaching innovation and creativity in the production of teaching materials. Under the Master Plan for higher education, CSU faculty are encouraged to produce scholarship which enhances the curriculum. This legislation would unduly restrict the ability of professors to write textbooks, software and other educational materials in order to enhance the quality of their instruction.

4. The major incentive faculty have for using their own material is not to make money but to have the best materials which are customized for presentation to their students. The connection between faculty and students is often improved when students use their instructor's textbook.

5. SB 1399 implies that the costs of publication are unimportant and will be covered by some unidentified entity.

APPROVED -- March 7-8, 1996

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