Support for the "Transitions Project" as an Admissions Experiment

AS-2332-96/AA/TEKR - May 9-10, 1996

RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate of the California State University support the recommendation of the Admissions Advisory Council that the Chancellor approve the "Transitions Project" as an admissions experiment so that students applying to the CSU may be considered for admission even though their high school records will not include the usual evaluations of their work; and be it further

RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate CSU urge the Chancellor to collect data during the course of the experiment that will allow evaluation of the impact of this experiment on the progress and success of the students admitted to the university under this project.

RATIONALE: The Transitions Project is funded by the California Department of Education through the California Center for School Restructuring (CCSR). The project has, since 1993, engaged secondary schools and public higher education (UC and CSU) in understanding ways in which school reform and restructuring might influence university admissions policies and practices. The project currently involves six restructuring pilot high schools that are engaged in a joint development and research effort with the CCSR, UC, CSU, California Department of Education — High School Education Office, Educational Testing Service, College Board, and Bay Area Region Coalition of Essential Schools.

The pilot high schools will be expected to define and apply a set of high school learning outcomes compatible with the CSU (and UC) definitions of readiness for university-level work and to develop examples of reporting systems and transcripts.


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