Receipt of the Draft Report "Information Resources and
Library Services for Distance Learners:
A Framework for Quality

AS-2350-96/AA(a) - November 7-8, 1996

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University receive the draft report, "Information Resources and Library Services for Distance Learners: A Framework for Quality," produced by the CSU, SUNY, and CUNY Joint Committee without taking a position on it, and call for a comprehensive look at distance education issues; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU strongly recommend that if the document is printed and distributed it should clearly state that it is for discussion purposes. There should be no implication that it is intended to be the basis for policy.

RATIONALE: There are some major flaws in the document and a fuller exploration of the full scope of the subject is desirable. No budgetary decisions should be taken in the CSU based on this document as it now reads. Although the principles recommended in the document are provocative, we find it difficult to trace a clear connection between them and a solid notion of a library. It would have been less confusing to a reader not privy to the discussions producing the document, if it indicated how a library geared to address the demands of distance learners is compatible with the traditional model. Specifically: 1) Many of the suggestions contained in the scenarios are now performed by other entities on campus and should not become an additional burden on the library at a time bona fide responsibilities specific to the task of distance learning are being determined. 2) References to significant realignment of the university budget to fund information resources and library services for distance learners are vague. 3) "Work for hire" discussion pertinent to one system may not apply universally to all university systems. 4) A document intended to serve as "a blueprint for policy development or updating existing guidelines..." should be more precise.

APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY -- November 7-8, 1996

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