Receipt of the Draft Report
"The Academic Library in the
Information Age: Changing Roles"

AS-2351-96/AA(a) - November 7-8, 1996

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University receive the draft report, " The Academic Library in the Information Age: Changing Roles," produced by the CSU-SUNY-CUNY Joint Committee, calling for a statement on the new and evolving role for the librarian in the information age.

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU strongly recommend that if the document is printed and distributed it should clearly state that it is for discussion purposes. There should be no implication that it is intended to be the basis for policy.

RATIONALE: We commend the insightful and thought provoking comments contained in this document about the changing roles of the new academic library, but also wish to express our concerns regarding the document’s focus and the issues contained therein.

The Academic Senate CSU expresses reservations that the authors of this document have not sufficiently articulated the role of the faculty in the development of the new academic library.

1. Our first concern is the belief that the document places too much emphasis on the role of developing the virtual library with the clear implication that space and physical facilities are no longer an important budget concern in the arena of the new information age (pg. 9, para. 1).

2. We are also concerned about the level of training provided to the paraprofessional library staff assigned to assist the librarian in the new academic library. There are numerous references in this report to the plan of staffing the new virtual library with non-librarian degree personnel (pg. 11, para. 2).

3. Our third concern relates to the increased emphasis placed on the new role of the librarians as teachers, course designers and mentors of students and how they will "partner" with the faculty in accomplishing these goals (pg. 20, para 3).

APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY -- November 7-8, 1996

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