Cornerstones Concerns

AS-2370-97/Floor - May 8-9, 1997

RESOLVED: That in order to guide and inform Senate representatives on Cornerstones during the summer and to record faculty concern that essential academic issues have been left unresolved, the Academic Senate of the California State University endorse the three reports of its standing committees, Faculty Affairs, Academic Affairs, and TEKR, as the current collective wisdom of this body concerning the Cornerstones proposals.

RATIONALE: Senate participants and faculty partners to the Cornerstones task forces have expressed a desire for Senate adoption or acceptance of some specific points addressed by the three reports. The points addressed by the three reports are based on comments heard from campus faculty at the February meeting in Monterey and at subsequent campus meetings. Although unedited, these reports represent the collective concerns of the Senate with regard to the March 1997 version of the Cornerstones Task Force reports together with ten principles derived therefrom. It is the view of the Academic Senate CSU that the commentary provided by the committee reports (as appropriately expanded and embellished by representatives of the three committees) should be prepared as a working report to inform members of the Cornerstones committee of the Senate’s views.


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