Resolution in Honor of Senator Barbara Franklin

AS-2372-97/Long Beach - May 8-9, 1997

WHEREAS, Barbara Franklin is leaving the Academic Senate after 12 years; and

WHEREAS, Barbara Franklin has represented her campus (CSULB) and the CSU with great distinction; and

WHEREAS, Colleagues, local and systemwide, have yet to figure out the number of syllables in her patented address, ";" and

WHEREAS, We have all been enriched by her pleasant and agreeable attempts at increasing our awareness of equity and women’s issues; and

WHEREAS, Barbara Franklin is a wonderful example of a colleague who not only fights for principles, but also lives up to them; and

WHEREAS, Senate staff will always remember how Barbara Franklin admonished them to join the "Frog" (CSULB’s physical fitness center), to hang loose, to ignore "all those crazy people," and many other caring words of wisdom; and

WHEREAS, Barbara Franklin’s impact on the Senate, whether on the Admission Advisory Council, Academic Affairs Committee, Teacher Education, GE/ Breadth Advisory Committee, will always be remembered because of her advocacy of students; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University thank Barbara Franklin for her service to the academy and to the CSU and wish her good fortune in the years ahead.


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