Resolution in Honor of Senator Harold Goldwhite

AS-2373-97/Los Angeles - May 8-9, 1997

WHEREAS, Harold Goldwhite now takes his leave from the Academic Senate of the California State University after representing the Los Angeles campus for nine years and making outstanding contributions to statewide policy for the California State University; and

WHEREAS, Harold’s contributions to the Academic Senate CSU have been extraordinary, evidenced by his leadership as Chair from 1993-95, as a member of the Executive Committee from 1991-93 and his service on more systemwide committees than could be enumerated easily, and further evidenced by his having received one of the two statewide Senate nominations for the position of CSU faculty trustee for the 1997- 1999 term; and

WHEREAS, Harold’s command of the English language could always be counted on in his wise analysis and articulate presentation of issues and his ability to assist in making the most complex resolutions clear and precise; and

WHEREAS, Harold’s additional talents for making the best homemade pretzels, being able to interpret any acronym put before him, demonstrating exemplary loyalty to a Mercedes Benz for the better part of his tenure on the Academic Senate, and being the proudest of grandfathers, add to his charm and appeal; and

WHEREAS, Harold Goldwhite will be sorely missed as a voting member of the Senate and faculty representative extraordinaire; therefore be it

RESOLVED:That Harold will remain our colleague and friend in whatever activities he chooses in the future; and be it further

RESOLVED:That the Academic Senate of the California State University composed of your colleagues and friends, thank you for your many contributions to academic governance and wish you the best as you choose your next challenge.


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