Resolution in Honor of Senator Allison Heisch

AS-2374-97/San Jose - May 8-9, 1997

WHEREAS, Senator Allison Heisch has since 1989 been the leading member of the San José State University delegation to this august body; and

WHEREAS, Senator Heisch is widely admired for her demure demeanor, her non-combative style, and her reticence and restraint in her comments both public and private, as well as for her ability to listen patiently to widely divergent opinions espoused by others, to praise the cogency of their thought and elegance of their expression, thoughtfully to consider and indeed to cherish the views of all, especially those who have the common decency to come around to her position; and

WHEREAS, On those extremely rare occasions when she has deigned to speak out, her presentations have generally had the salutary effect of freeing her auditors from Lethe's coils; and

WHEREAS, It is rumored that Allison has come to the conclusion that Senate trips have impacted negatively and incrementally on the time available to her for attending San José State Spartan men's athletic contests, and in particular football and basketball games; and

WHEREAS, Senator Heisch has apparently seen so much from the awesome heights of the positions of power and influence she has occupied here that she is probably dazzled by the brilliance of the latest plans to leverage faculty intellect and, what is more, absolutely thrilled by the calls of truly inspired academic leaders for the synergistic melding of providers, stakeholders, benchmarkers, partners, Power-Point presenters, economic competitors, total quality managers, value-added retailers, Central Asian chicken farmers, and library despoilers, that she is probably experiencing intellectual and aesthetic overload although she characteristically has nothing to say about any of these ways of doing academic business and certainly would not use words like "vile," "tacky" or "disgusting"; and

WHEREAS, Because of her uncommon sense of propriety and modesty, not to mention priorities, she has chosen retirement from the Senate although she may secretly wish she could be here to marvel at the stunningly stupid things that are bound to transpire in the near future; and

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