Resolution in Honor of Senator Edward Thompson III

AS-2378-97/F&GA - May 8-9, 1997

WHEREAS, Edward Thompson has served the Academic Senate of the California State University for four years; and

WHEREAS, He valiantly led the enormously political Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee as its chair; and

WHEREAS, The committee vividly recalls his ability to succinctly summarize its discussions, which summaries bore no resemblance whatever to those discussions; and

WHEREAS, The personal recycling efforts of Ed [and his daughter] transferred tons of aluminum cans from Academic Senate receptions in Long Beach to San Marcos; and

WHEREAS, Upon his departure the theater on Pine Street, which Ed insists is reputable, will miss a devoted customer; and

WHEREAS, Ed is returning to his campus to serve as chair of the Department of Political Science, the Mother of all Disciplines; and

WHEREAS, His colleagues on the Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee will sorely miss him, his Strawberry-Kiwi lemonade, soft drinks and bottled waters; and

WHEREAS, His wit, sagacity, and charm will be sorely missed by all his senate colleagues; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University extend the appreciation of the Senate to Edward Thompson for his service on the Senate and wish him well in his tenure as department chair and continued involvement on his home campus.

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