Revision of High School Course Pattern Required for Admission to the CSU

AS-2382-97/AA - September 11-12, 1997

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University recommend to the Chancellor that the high school course pattern required for admission to the CSU be changed to require (a) a second year of social science and (b) a second year of a laboratory science.

RATIONALE: The CSU Board of Trustees recently approved a policy on precollegiate education for the CSU (January 23-24, 1996). This proposed change in the required high school admission course pattern is consistent with the Trustees’ policy in that it strengthens the preparation of students who will enter the CSU. The graduation requirements for high schools now include a second year of social science, so this requirement is already met by all high school graduates. The requirement of a second year of laboratory science would better prepare college-bound students to undertake study in the sciences. For Fall 1995 CSU regular admits, 76% had completed two years of laboratory science in high school. The Admissions Advisory Council of the CSU is also currently studying the feasibility of recommending these changes.

These two changes would also make the high school admission course patterns of the CSU and UC more consonant and therefore more easily understandable to high school counselors and students.


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