Merit Pay Task Force Report

AS-2394-97/FA - November 6-7, 1997

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University endorse the overview and principles in the Report of the Merit Pay Task Force, thank the campuses for their invaluable advice, and give appreciation and thanks to our colleagues on the task force who spent many hours collecting information and preparing the analysis; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU commend the overview and principles in the report to the California Faculty Association (CFA) and the Chancellor and his collective bargaining team, urging them to use the overview and principles to guide them as needed, if or when they develop a new merit pay plan for CSU faculty.

RATIONALE: The Merit Pay Task Force was created by the Academic Senate CSU in March of 1997 in response to a challenge given to the senators by Chancellor Munitz to provide him with alternative incentive pay models. Task Force members read over 60 articles, studied two dozen college and university contracts, interviewed several acknowledged experts, and visited 20 CSU campuses over a period of four months where they spoke with over 400 faculty members. In addition, the Task Force established a listserve on the internet which produced commentary from close to 200 more CSU faculty members. The result is the attached Report which is being presented both to the Chancellor and to the California Faculty Association for their consideration during collective bargaining.

APPROVED – January 22-23, 1998

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