Support for a Speedy Conclusion and a Fair
Collective Bargaining Agreement

AS-2433-98/FA/AA/FGA - November 5-6, 1998

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University urge the CSU administration and the California Faculty Association to support the needs of the faculty in the collective bargaining negotiations and bring the negotiations to a speedy and fair conclusion.

RATIONALE: To date, 20 CSU campus senates have passed resolutions concerning the collective bargaining negotiations (see attached). Impasse has been declared in the current bargaining between the CFA and the CSU administration. Rapid resolution of the issues and adoption of a fair and equitable contract will allow us to attract and retain a high quality faculty, move toward closing the CPEC faculty salary gap, and continue to provide a superior education to the people of California.

APPROVED WITHOUT DISSENT -- November 5-6, 1998

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