Criteria and Standards for Faculty Merit Increases

AS2438-98/FLOOR/Charnofsky, Highsmith, Whitney - February 12, 1999

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University adopt and urge the Chancellor and Board of Trustees to adopt the following criteria and standards for Faculty Merit Increases (provided in Article 31 of the Unit 3 MOU) as applicable to the increases granted effective July 1, 1998, and July 1, 1999. The Academic Senate CSU shall reexamine the criteria and standards for Faculty Merit Increase cycles effective July 1, 2000, and thereafter following its evaluation of the effectiveness of the Spring 1999 campus processes.

Teaching is at the center of any system of merit increases. Faculty Merit Increases may be granted for:

  • the quality of the unit member's teaching alone;
  • teaching and scholarship;
  • teaching and service to the University and community; or
  • teaching, scholarship, and service to the University and community.

Faculty unit employees whose work assignments do not encompass all the criteria (e.g., lecturers, coaches, department chairs, librarians) shall be eligible for Faculty Merit Increases on the basis of their performance in their particular work assignments.

Teaching is broad and inclusive. Teaching encompasses instruction and such activities as advising, mentoring, supervision (e.g., individual studies, thesis direction, field supervision), and a range of contributions to improving student learning (e.g., curriculum revision, course and program coordination, assessment of learning outcomes, and applications of technology).

Scholarship is also broad. Scholarship includes discovery (traditionally labeled research, especially published or presented to professional audiences), integration (e.g., inter- or cross-disciplinary efforts), application (e.g., used in teaching or solving social, community, or technical problems), and creative activity (e.g., works of art, performances).

Service to the University and community is likewise broad. Service to the University and community includes the activity necessary to the faculty role in shared governance of the institution (CSU and its campuses) and activity applying the unit employee's expertise to benefit the University and its community in general. Examples of service include significant committee work; student outreach and retention; participation in university and community organizations, professional associations, California Faculty

Association, and appropriate governmental boards and commissions; advancement of public support for the University; and lectures and seminars to community groups. Campus Senates shall immediately develop, and report to the Academic Senate CSU, the standards of performance for implementing the criteria established above.

RATIONALE: The Academic Senate CSU was asked by the CSU Chancellor's Office and the California Faculty Association to develop standards and criteria for the awarding of Faculty Merit Increases consistent with the Academic Senate's responsibility under HEERA. The above standards and criteria are developed to implement Article 31, section 31.14 of the Unit 3 Tentative Agreement.

APPROVED- February 12, 1999

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