Multiple-University Program Policy Development

AS-2439-99/AA - March 11-12, 1999

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University recommend that campus senates and administrations consider the policy of CSU Chico on multi-university programs in formulating their own policies on multi-university programs, certificates and master’s degrees; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU recommend that the Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor support the efforts of campuses to develop policies and implementation procedures that facilitate the development and administration of policy for multi-university programs and degrees among CSU campuses while preserving campus autonomy of the participating campuses.

RATIONALE: With the recent advances in computer technology, in general, and instructional technology, in particular, many universities have developed and offer academic coursework and programs to students located at remote and/or distant sites. This technological capacity has also made it possible for the State of California to offer, through its virtual university, a vast array of coursework taken from many campuses enabling students to complete coursework from multiple campuses and obtain a degree or certificate from one of the participating campuses. Other universities, attempting to combine faculty expertise, share limited resources, and/or offer unique and specialized programs have developed multi-university programs such as master’s degrees, certificates, majors, options, and minors.

Participation in multi-university and joint programs generally requires formalized agreements between the participating institutions. Issues such as program management, identification of universities offering the degree and program and those whose participation is by offering coursework, determination of program development and coursework, admissions and matriculation, provision of advising and other student services, fee collection and FTES generation need to be addressed.

Last year, CSU Chico developed a policy on multi-campus programs to address and provide a framework for solving the many issues facing universities in their development of multi-university or joint programs. The document respects the campus autonomy of participating institutions, provides articulation and reciprocity agreements and offers a solution to the roles and responsibilities of participating campuses in the development and management of joint or multi-campus programs.

The policy further provides guidelines, procedures, and criteria for identifying partner universities, nationally and internationally, and guidelines for approval of multi-university programs and degrees. It identifies two basic types of multi-university programs: One, when one university offers the master’s degree or certificate but students may complete coursework offered by that or participating campuses, and Two, where multiple universities jointly or collaboratively offer the certificate, major, minor, option, or master’s degree. The policy also provides guidelines for the administration of multi-university programs such as admissions and records, determination of campus(es) offering the degree, program or certificate, provision of student services including advising and library and information resources, fee collection and FTES accumulation.

The development and administration of multi-campus programs and degrees within the CSU would be significantly enhanced if campuses could agree on policy and implementation issues regarding the development and offering of multi-university programs.


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