Consultation on Implementation of Cornerstones

AS-2447-99/AA/FA - May 6-7, 1999

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University strongly urge the Chancellor and Board of Trustees to delay implementation or planning of implementation of Cornerstones until the Academic Senate has had the opportunity for adequate consultation with campus senates.

RATIONALE: Thorough and timely consultation with the Academic Senate CSU and campus senates regarding the development of policies and recommendations necessary to implement specific Principles of the Cornerstones document has not occurred.

It is impossible to develop effective implementation policies without the counsel and recommendations by the statewide and local senates on academic issues contained in the Implementation Plan. The imposition of working terms and conditions on Unit 3 faculty has broken the collegial working relationship between the faculty and CSU administration necessary for meaningful consultation. The Academic Senate CSU has resolved not to work on Cornerstones' Implementation until approval of a new collective bargaining contract, and has been supported in this by a number of campus senates.

Restoration of a collegial working relationship between the Academic Senate CSU and the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees is essential for adequate and necessary consultation in all matters relating to the implementation of Cornerstones.

APPROVED — May 6-7, 1999

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