CSU Budget Priorities for 2000-2001

AS-2449-99/FGA - May 6-7, 1999

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University endorse the following budgetary priorities for the development of the CSU Trustees’ Proposed Budget for the 2000-2001 academic year (in descending order of importance):

1) That the compensation component of the budget be sufficient to close the CPEC faculty salary gap, so that we may continue to attract and retain the highest caliber faculty.

2) That there be a stable funding plan to meet CSU’s needs to ensure educational quality and to maintain closure of the CPEC faculty salary gap.

3) That sufficient funding be provided to support instruction for all anticipated student enrollment. These funds should equal the full projected costs for high quality education in the CSU.

4) That full funding be provided to support the additional Teacher Education and Year-Round efforts being undertaken by various campuses.

5) That funding be provided to complete Phase 3 of the technology infrastructure buildout.

RATIONALE: The State of California continues to enjoy large increases in its revenues. The CSU, during the fiscal difficulties of the early 1990s, absorbed per student reductions in inflation adjusted levels of resources. These shortfalls are reflected in the substantial increase in class size student faculty ratios, inability to recruit faculty to meet the rising student demand, inadequate library acquisitions and student financial aid. The CSU absorbed these reductions in a spirit of public service to our students and the people of the State. The CSU has consistently affirmed that these reductions were not sustainable permanently without degradation of the quality of education and limitation of access to qualified students. Also, given the salary gap for CSU faculty, it is very difficult both to recruit and retain quality faculty who are responsible for providing quality education to an increasing number and variety of students. Further, in addition to the enrollment demands, there are new initiatives such as Year-Round and additional Teacher Education activities, which are over and above the other obligations of the CSU. These too must receive sufficient support so that overall quality of education at CSU will not suffer. Finally, the Academic Senate CSU believes that in these favorable fiscal times, adequate support should be restored and funding increased so that CSU can attract faculty of the highest quality and be accessible to all qualified students.


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