Lottery Fund Review Committee

AS-2458-99/FGA - May 6-7, 1999

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University endorse the following specifications of the lottery fund allocation process.

1. Lottery fund allocations, including continuing allocation, at both the campus and system level shall be subject to shared governance processes.

2. Evaluation and review of lottery fund usage shall be by the respective campus senates and the statewide Academic Senate shall review systemwide use of lottery funds.

RATIONALE: Lottery funds are important to the enrichment of the education of CSU students. Given the diversity of missions and cultures among CSU campuses, the Academic Senate holds that this purpose is best served by granting wide discretion to each campus in the system in the use of these funds. In order to prevent the abuse of this discretion, shared governance must be the process utilized for allocation. We believe that Senate committees are in the best position to review and evaluate the use of lottery funds.

It is critical for administration, faculty and students to be involved in the allocation of these funds as this permits a broad perspective on budgetary needs. Because faculty are the closest to the educational and curricular needs of the campuses, and because academic senates are structured to provide ongoing and continual review and evaluation of programs, the statewide Academic Senate and the campus senates should be responsible for the review and assessment of lottery fund usage.


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