Resolution in Honor of Senator Jacinta Amaral

AS-2461-99/Fresno - May 6-7, 1999

WHEREAS, Jacinta Amaral, in moving from the East Coast to Fresno, changed not only her location by this move, but also her ethnicity; and

WHEREAS, Jacinta,  although a professor who teaches in distance education, is by no means distant as a professor and senator, always demonstrating a passionate and compassionate commitment to faculty and students; and

WHEREAS, Jacinta has always performed extraordinary service as a quick study, despite the mentoring she received from her senior colleagues; and

WHEREAS, Jacinta has served the faculty of the CSU valiantly despite all of the campus forces designed to keep her from us (including the campus police forces who, at CSUF lurk behind every tree to apprehend faculty who run stop signs at midnight); and

WHEREAS, Jacinta has comitted to memory the Breaking the Social Contrast document and her presence will come to mind everytime this vial document is referenced in the Senate Chambers.

WHEREAS, Jacinta was "untimely plucked" from us by that unfortunate clause in the constitution of the CSU senate that caused the CSU Fresno delegation to be reduced from three to two; and;

WHEREAS, Jacinta has demonstrated that she is a loyal friend, colleague, companion, teacher, student, and all around great person; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University wish Senator Amaral the very best during what we hope will be a very short stay away from the Statewide Academic Senate.


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