Resolution in Honor of Senator Tapie Rohm

AS-2466-99/San Bernardino- May 6-7, 1999

WHEREAS, Senator Rohm was known for his willingness to work overtime as a member of the Academic Affairs committee, often showing up before 9:00 AM and leaving well after 2:00 PM; and

WHEREAS, Senator Rohm has arisen faithfully before the sun in order to make the long trek from the smoggy hills of San Bernardino through Coal Canyon to the salty shores of Long Beach so as to avoid the “extravagance” of a hotel room; and

WHEREAS, Senator Rohm could always be counted on to lecture the Chancellor on issues dealing with perceived violations of faculty rights and to remind him that in spite of being a staunch Republican he has been a career-long member of and activist in CFA; and

WHEREAS, Senator Rohm's selflessly contributed to his colleagues' greater enjoyment of Senate socials by insuring, by his mere presence, that they would be afforded more wine and beer for themselves; and

WHEREAS, Senator Rohm has steadfastly denied that he developed his ability to deal effectively with his Senate colleagues and the clamor, confusion, and contradiction of academic parliamentary debate while rearing his eight offspring; and

WHEREAS, Senator Rohm, given his family situation, has also repeatedly denied that he considers Senate interim committee meetings and plenary sessions to be a state-supported, personal Rest and Recreation program; and

WHEREAS, Tapie’s service and contributions to the Academic Affairs committee to the Academic Senate CSU will long be remembered; be it therefore

RESOLVED: That Senator Rohm be commended for his capable service; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University formally thank Senator Rohm for his work and wish him the best in his future.


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