Resolution in Honor of Senator Paul Spear: Senator Extraordinaire

AS-2467-99/Chico - May 6-7, 1999

For a decade he has wend his way from the beautiful hinterland of Chico, Northern California to the boiling pots of academic senate administration in Long Beach.

Like a Viking of yore, he rode his long ships of the air and land to battle for academia, faculty and students' rights, quality institutions, for the pursuit of knowledge via quality libraries within our reach.  Like Don Quixote, he sometimes tilted his "spear" at the unmovable and the recalcitrant, knowing full well that to fight the good battle for faculty and students was his refrain (as important as winning).  Driven by the quest for what is good and honorable in the academe our hero is a model for every one of us who remain.

Now the old warrior is called home, not to slumber but to build his discipline homeland.  To lend to Psychology his insight, leadership, fairness, and commitment.

What say we who lose this warrior knight, this musician and comrade fair, who graced our resolutions with craftsmanship, our deliberations with memory keen our tables with wit?

Fare thee well, Paul Spear, in your new adventure go with God, resolute and serene-Never mind that it shall take two or more to stand in your stead!  One to lead and one to play.  You have had your day and we of Senate mind, now your accomplishments want read:

  • Academic Affairs Committee, member for four years,Chair for three!
  • General Education Breadth Advisory Committee, member and Chair!
  • (GE-IGETC Course Review shall not be the same)
  • CLRIT member for over five years
  • Joint Committee of CSU, SUNY, CUNY:  Co-authored booklets on Copyright, Fair Use, and Intellectual Property Rights and Ownership!
  • Council of Library Directors for ten years, Chair!
  • Admissions Advisory Committee,
  • IGETC Review Committee of ICAS
  • Founding Member of ITL Advisory Board
  • Organizer, Participant, and Entertainer at many Academic Retreats!

Song and music are in his heart
So all of us discovered from the start.
Of triumph and honor his herald rings
As our Viking hero sings
It is in quality we know
The best for all our students to show
Truly what we can all do
When our academic world is no longer in a stew.

So with this doggerel poem to steer
We clap our hands for the honorable Paul Spear
His end time as our Senate colleague is near
With regret, loss and sadness we weep a tear.


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