Resolution in Honor of Senator Judith Stanley: A FAREWELL TRIBUTE

AS-2468-99/Hayward - May 6-7, 1999

WHEREAS, Judy Stanley is the person most responsible for the Academic Senate’s wise decision to eliminate the cumbersome whereas–resolve format in favor of the more efficient and concise resolve and rationale format; therefore be it

RESOLVED: That the above Whereas clause and this Resolved statement do not really exist.

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of the California State University join the CSU Hayward faculty in honoring Judy Stanley as one of that campus’ all-time great professors upon her impending retirement; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU formally thank Judy Stanley for her six years of dedicated service and for the opportunity to know and love her for her many personal qualities; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate CSU extend to Judy Stanley their heart felt appreciation for her wisdom, policy acumen and tireless commitment to the welfare of her colleagues, students and “the academy.”

RATIONALE: Judy Stanley is widely recognized by faculty and students on the CSU Hayward campus as one of their “best ever” professors. Not only does she have an outstanding career record in the areas of teaching and scholarship, but the level and quality of her dedicated and unselfish department, school and university service have been virtually unmatched over the history of that campus.

Judy is the only person to have served three terms as the chair of the CSUH Academic Senate, was chair of the History Department for six years, and even served for one year as the interim chair of the Department of Mass Communication. Judy probably served on more search committees (usually as chair) than any faculty member at CSUH. Some of the better administrators at CSUH have been selected because of Judy’s wise leadership of these committees.

One of Judy’s primary contributions as a valued and popular teacher of history at CSUH has been her ability to develop new and innovative approaches to courses such as U.S. women’s history and the history of nursing. In all of the courses she has taught, students have benefited from Judy’s ability to consistently incorporate her scholarship into the classroom. For these and the other reasons outlined above, it is inconceivable that Judy Stanley can be adequately replaced upon her impending retirement by the hiring of only one new faculty member.

In her multiple levels of service on the Academic Senate CSU, Judy Stanley has shared of her time and energy at an exceptionally high level. Fellow senators who have been able to work closely with Judy over the past six years have been able to clearly observe and benefit from her warm and caring personality, her intelligence, and especially her wit and her sense of humor.


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